We have a Main office in Dominica and as a result you can be assured in a low-cost prices and unparallel services.

Now that you have decided to incorporate your IBC in Dominica, we will guide you through the easy process of filling the Dominica incorporation form, one step at a time.

At the bottom of this page you will find listed two packages (the main package and the package with a nominee director) which we offer to set-up a Dominica company and the currencies in which they may be set-up.

  1. Choose the package and the currency most suitable for you. After you make your choice, please CLICK the corresponding LINK and the form will appear for your Dominica incorporation.
  2. Fill all the applicable boxes with the required information starting with your choice of company name.
  3. You now have many options (additional services) to choose from if you wish to. Carefully view this section for these options. Ensure that you have properly filled the Dominica incorporation form and that you have provided all the data correctly.
  4. We require you to fill out the address to which you want the documents for your Dominica IBC to be sent.
  5. Choose the most suitable method of payment and press the "Submit" button. An invoice will be generated for your Dominica IBC and supplementary services. Please ensure that it is correct. When satisfied, you should save or print a copy of the invoice for your own files.
  6. Please inform us immediately as soon as you proceed with your payment and the method used, which may be by fax, phone or e-mail. Please always quote the invoice number in your correspondence with us.

Secure Online Dominica Incorporation Forms

Package Currency
Dominica IBC - Main Package Pounds USD Euro
Plus Nominee Director _(Power of Attorney incl.)_ Pounds USD Euro

Incorporate in Dominica! Incorporate Your Wealth!